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Forum Rules - Read Before Posting
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Author:  Admin [ Sat Jan 14, 2012 5:24 am ]
Post subject:  Forum Rules - Read Before Posting

In order to make this forum as friendly as possible and keep the bad element out, we will have stringent rules.

The rules are:

1. NO Spam period. If your intent is to spam, we will ban your IP.
2. NO links in the threads, unless they are in reference to the topic on hand. It does NOT give you the right to advertise.
3. NO pornographic pictures, links and/or avatars whatsoever.
4. NO hate, sexism, racism, trolling, religion and/or politics.
5. NO discussion of ANY illegal activity, that includes drug use, threats, or any other criminal activity.
6. You are to treat every single member respectfully.
7. NO CAPS! You don't need to shout, it's rude.
8. DO NOT post copyrighted material.
9. DO NOT post your physical address, phone number or any other personal information.

Signatures will be available after 30 posts.

This will help prevent spamming. Make sure you follow the signature rules below.

Signature Rules:

1. NO more than 5 links.
2. Links are dofollow, and can be commercial, but, as long as they are not related to adult, gambling, or pharmacy.
3. You signature can NOT be more than 3 lines.
4. No images are allowed in signatures.

If you abuse this privilege, then, you will be removed.

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